Ok…. WHEW!

Thought I had lost this blog forever. Couldn’t log in, and when I did, I no longer had a blog under my control. But I’m back now, baby. And outdoors-er than ever. What. Had a big update for you guys on some bike camping over Easter weekend and some plans to kick butts otherwise. Ben


I’ve sometimes discussed the concept of the forest bath with people before. I like it, and I want to believe in it. But, I guess there are some questions to be considered: 1.) Does simply being outdoors have an effect on a person? I suppose it depends. My dad used to love going hiking and … More GET OUT OF HERE


They say having a boat is one of the most expensive hobbies you’ll ever start. Thought I thoroughly enjoyed my trip skiing this past Saturday at Romme Alpin in Daww-larna, am I ready to buy some discount skis? First you buy the skis; then, it’s boots. And a fancy-ass hat. And wacky multi-colored, day-glo geometric … More Skidåkning!

Oh those winter runs

“And so we’re back in a land where things can get a little slippery…” – Benjamin Roode, On Stockholm Hah! It’s not a real book you fools! But if I were to write a book on Stockholm, it would be tempted to write about what Stockholm isn’t. Not because of Stockholm’s shortcomings or deficiencies, but … More Oh those winter runs